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Tax Planning

  1. Nobody wants to pay more taxes than required, but unfortunately most people don’t plan ahead and when tax time comes around, they are stuck owing thousands of dollars.  


    We offer tax planning for our members, with tax planning you can schedule an appointment anytime you are going to make a big purchase, sale stock, sale a home/rental, make a business decision or maybe even start a business.  We take the time to go over your situation and give you the best tax advice to help you pay as little as possible.  The most important thing you can do it talk to us before you do the transaction, as most transaction once they happen the damage is done.  


    We could have helped many people if they would have just reached out.  One example a client sold a personal property at 22 months of ownership and it cost them $45K in capital gains, had they talked to us prior to this transaction they could have paid 2 more mortgage payment of $1500 each ($3000) and saved themselves $42K.  


    We can help you pay as little as possible if you just let us help you plan it out!