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Are you a bookkeeper?  


We have found most people know how to successfully run their business by doing what they do best and that usually isn’t the books.  We are here to help you, we can help you properly categorize your transactions so at tax time, you aren’t scrambling to get the numbers.  


Most people spend hours and hours getting ready for us to prepare their taxes, let us help you.  We can get you set up in a software so every time you spend money that money is pulled into the software and we/you just need to say which category it belongs to.  


For example if you purchase some facebook ads then we would put that in the advertising category.  Most companies just have the receipts laying around and at tax time, try to find them all and organize it, add it all up, and put it on the organizer.  What if you didn’t have to do any of that?  At tax time you simple answer a few questions and we pull the expenses right from the software?  The IRS requires you to reconcile your books, again most businesses don’t do this, but we will.  


We will reconcile the books, match the expenses to your tax return, and make sure you are compliant with what the IRS requires on the books.  


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